Can we guess your perfect style of kitchen with just a few simple questions? Find out how to get the look and accessorise your kitchen with unique Bristol made crockery, art and furnishings.

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Start with the question in the top left and work your way down through the questions, choosing which option best describes you. Once you have reached a kitchen style (displayed in the orange boxes), click the orange box and you will find out more information about that style of kitchen, and how to achieve this look in your home.

Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic kitchen sourced from


Eclectic kitchens are perfect for style rebels! Add fun personal touches to your kitchen with wacky posters and cool finds from your travels. An eclectic kitchen is all about switching it up and borrowing from other kitchen styles to create your own perfect look. Fashionable, global, personal and full of humour: an eclectic kitchen knows no bounds. From neon chairs to Indian style textiles and pretty floral touches, the sky’s the limit.


Charlotte Duffy Eclectic Kitchen

This beautiful vibrant print by Bristol designer Charlotte Duffy packs a punch for an eclectic kitchen design.



Susan Taylor Eclectic Kitchen       Becky Bettesworth Eclectic Kitchen


(Left) Susan Taylor captures the heart and soul of Bristol with her eye-catching place mats. (Right) Add a Becky Bettesworth print to your eclectic kitchen to add a splash of the South West to your walls.


Mediterranean Kitchen

Mediterranean kitchen sourced from


Mediterranean-style kitchens should evoke the scent of fresh lemons, herbs and spices. Spice your kitchen up with bright, tonal colours and colourful ceramic tiles on the walls. Bring it down to earth with terracotta floor tiles and dark wood tones. This juicy and delicious kitchen is all about curves and textures, so let your love for the Mediterranean go wild.


Made by Ilze Mediteranean

(Above and below left) The bold colours and prints on the cushions and lampshades from Made by Ilze reflect the colours of a traditional Mediterranean kitchen perfectly.

(Below right) Bristol’s Rupert Blamire has created beautiful oil dispensers, a perfect accompaniment to your Mediterranean kitchen.


Made by Ilze Mediterranean kitchen 2     Rupert Blamire Mediterranean kitchen




Paris Bistro Kitchen

Paris Bistro kitchen sourced from


Paris bistro kitchens are all about bringing the elegance of true Parisian style to your kitchen. A Parisian style kitchen will feature intimate lighting, strong classic colours like reds and blacks, and a tiled floor. Combine quality finishes and solid kitchenware in chrome to create that authentic French look.

Go all out with your Paris bistro kitchen – Invest in some quality tiled flooring and some burgundy paint for the walls.

Get the Paris bistro look for less– Put up some stylish French advertising posters from the turn of the 20th century to get an instant chic update.


(Below left) Bristol ceramics illustrator Alice Shield Ceramics creates gorgeous crockery, ideal for your Parisian lifestyle. (Below right) Susan Taylors tea towels of Clifton Suspension Bridge highlight the traditional red, black and white of a Paris Bistro.

Alice Shields Parisian Kitchen   Susan Taylor Parisian Kitchen




Cottage Kitchen

Cottage kitchen sourced from


Cottage kitchen design is all about creating a cosy and homely space in your home. A cottage kitchen can help you get the most out of your bijou kitchen space, or you can recreate a cottage kitchen on a larger scale. Cottage kitchens are far from pretentious, full of soft colours and natural accents like hardwood floors and deep farmhouse sinks. Nice, warm lighting filtering in through patterned curtains should off-set the kitchen’s curves perfectly. Place some wicker herb baskets on your windowsill for some gorgeous, homely scents.


(Below left) Stokes Croft China craft a collection of unique mugs using original Enoch Wedgwood prints from the 1960s, a great play on an old classic from your cottage kitchen. (Below right) Fiona Clabon Illustration’s will create a homely personal touch to your cottage style kitchen.


Stokes Croft China Cottage kitchen   Fiona Clabon cottage kitchen





Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen sourced from


Contemporary kitchens are more playful and quirky than their sleek modern kitchen counterparts, incorporating fun pops of colour and angular shapes to break up the space. In a contemporary kitchen, mixing and matching styles, textures, and finishes creates a unique and tactile space. Upcycle old items like wooden sideboards and plastic chairs, pairing them with colourful cutting-edge appliances to create a fun space.

Go retro with leather bar stools and colourful formica chairs.

Go chic with white granite tops and a vibrant acrylic splashback.


Artpause Contemporary kitchen    Rolfe & Wills Contemporary Kitchen


(Above left) Artpause, also known as Michael Tompsett, has created a beautiful skyline print of Bristol, a great addition to a contemporary kitchen. (Above right) The geometric patterned place mat by Bristol surface pattern company Rolfe & Wills, will blend seamlessly with the stark lines of a contemporary kitchen.

(Below left) The duo-tone poster highlighting Clifton Suspension Bridge is perfect for a contemporary kitchen by Going for a Wander. (Below right) The trend setting designs by House of Yve are a perfect match for the natural materials in your contemporary kitchen.



Going for a wander contemporary kitchen   House of Yve Contemporary kitchen


Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchen sourced from


A traditional kitchen is a reassuringly comforting and familiar space where you can let you culinary ideas roam free. In a traditional kitchen, classic architectural details like arches and wood carvings create a warm, yet structured, atmosphere. A traditional kitchen incorporates a range of styles, with decorative touches like a chandelier and raised panel doors finishing off this stylish and classy space.


Local Bristol artist Bee Hays specialises in handmade ceramics and illustrated homeware, perfect for adding a homely touch to your traditional kitchen

Sophie Richardson Traditional Kitchen



Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen sourced from


Modern kitchens are all about sleek simplicity. Not a frilly or fussy chintzy curtain in sight- just elegant and sleek horizontal lines. The modern kitchen is all about creating a neutral, geometric space where you can truly feel Zen and de-cluttered. A modern kitchen showcases simple hardware, letting the natural beauty of your kitchen materials speak for themselves.

Some key modern kitchen features to look out for are:

– glass cabinet doors

– accent lighting

– subtle industrial details like exposed brickwork or distressed metal.


Sophie Richardson Modern Kitchen

Sophie Richardsons 1950s style print design inspired by the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge will add a touch of personality to your modern kitchen.


Rustic Kitchen

Rustic kitchen sourced from


A real rustic kitchen combines distressed surfaces with cute vintage touches. In a rustic kitchen you will find a log-burning stove side by side with an unusual retro toaster. Reclaimed wood and warm textures keep this kitchen down to earth and cosy, and quirky old-school touches make this kitchen a truly charming space.

Go all out with your rustic kitchen – Buy up some chunky antique furniture, mixing up the periods from Georgian to Edwardian. Let the worn furniture tell its own story, dressing the pieces up with wildflowers in vases and mix-and-match teacups.

Get the rustic kitchen look for less– Paint wood furniture in cool Georgian colours like duck egg blue or mint, and distress the paint’s surface away with some sandpaper for a rustic finish.


Addicted to Patterns

Bristol based surface designers Addicted to Patterns create beautiful hand printed wallpapers and textiles, the perfect accompaniment for any rustic kitchen.


(Below left) The beautiful lampshades created by Bristol illustrator Lisa Maylon are a beautiful addition to any rustic kitchen. (Below right) This signed Bristol art print by Dave Thompson has great colours complementary for any rustic kitchen.

Lisa Maylon Rustic Kitchen    Whistefish Rustic Kitchen


Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen sourced by


A relaxed farmhouse kitchen is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day, whether you actually live in the countryside or not. Full of beautiful and functional design touches, farmhouse kitchens make ideal comfortable family kitchens.

Imagine plenty of open shelving units gleaming with warm copper pans, offset by dove grey brushed floor tiles. Settle down to a family roast at your big farmhouse table, all warmed by the heat of your old-fashioned range or fireplace.


The beautiful range of hand painted bugs and insect tiles produced by Tiles of Stow are the epitome of the farmhouse kitchen style.

Tiles of Stow Farmhouse Kitchen