The bathroom is where you want to cleanse yourself, feel better and spend the first part of your day. However, along with the kitchen, it can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, being the environment for many slips and falls. 

Here are our 5 top tips to cover the safety basics:


By installing grab bars this is an excellent way to provide some added support. Not only are they useful if a slip does happen, they can just make day to day movement a lot easier, providing leverage for getting up or resting on.

Please note: when the bars are installed please ensure that they’re correctly fitted, secure and maintained- a loose bar could be just as dangerous as no bar.


Walk-in shower areas relieve the stress of having to climb in and out of a shower, whilst eliminating the precarious wobble over the edge of the bath.


People general initiate the instinct of wanting to lock the bathroom to aid privacy, yet we forget about how this can also put us in a vulnerable position. In the event of an accident such as a fall or medical crisis, yourself or a loved one could be left trapped in the bathroom if something unfortunate was to happen. This problem can happen to anyone of any age; older adults, who have more chronic illnesses and more problems with balance, are especially vulnerable.


A hot shower is a luxury- but on younger and older skin it can get a little too hot, a little too quickly. As the skin is generally thinner the older we get, it’s important to monitor temperature settings and ensure that the temperature is somewhere below 120 degrees. The National Kitchen and Bath Builders Association recommends installing pressure balanced and temperature controlled valves in the bath and shower to help prevent the risk of scalding.


Older adults are often more susceptible to mobility issues like arthritis or joint aches and pains- stooping low to sit on many standard model 15-17 inch commodes can be a challenge. Two simple fixes are: installing a new higher model or one that’s hung from the wall at a more appropriate height.

Please note: by increasing the height of the toilet this may not be suitable for everybody- a smaller female, for example, may find it too high and uncomfortable. Also, it’s important to remember to make sure an adjusted seat is attached securely- one that slips could lead to a dangerous fall.]