Chipping Sodbury Hare Trail 2017

Chipping Sodbury Hare Trail 2017

In addition to the four hares located in Chipping Sodbury in connection with the Cotswold Hare Trail, there are now a further twenty smaller ones to be found in the windows of shops and other business premises around the town, constituting Chipping Sodbury’s very own hare trail for 2017!

Organised by Sodbury Chamber of Commerce to help support interest in local businesses that are members of the Chamber, the Chipping Sodbury Hare Trail 2017 is also showcasing the work of local artists. All the hares on display are sited in the windows of businesses that are members of Sodbury Chamber.

This year’s Chipping Sodbury Hare Trail will be live until 10th September, 2017, the end date coinciding with that of the more extensive Cotswold Hare Trail.

Where are the Hares?

How to be a Chipping Sodbury Hare Hunter this year? Well, when it comes to finding the twenty hares, you have two choices.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, impetuous and impatient, you can set out on foot through the streets of Chipping Sodbury and search the street-facing windows of every premises you pass by, systematically exploring the town’s streets until you have found all twenty (not counting the four large ones that are part of the wider Cotswold Hare Trail). Then give yourself a pat on the back….

Or you can organise the process a little better by picking up a dedicated trail map at the Tourist Information Centre or the local Waitrose. This will give you some clues to where to find the twenty hares, narrowing down the range of locations to look in. (Clue: the Chamber has advised in its pre-launch publicity that they are all on Broad Street, the High Street, Horse Street, and Hatherell’s Yard.)

The trail map is also designed to be interactive, so that you fill in details of each hare as you locate it, and then post the completed map in one of the allocated post boxes at the Tourist Information Centre and Waitrose.

All children who successfully complete the trail maps will be handed stickers to acknowledge their accomplishment, serving as badges of achievement to wear with pride!

Chipping Sodbury Hare Trail Prize Draw

After the hare trail closes on September 10th, there will also take place a prize draw, with five prizes being awarded to those responsible for the first five correctly filled trail maps that are drawn by the organisers from among all the maps that have been returned by the deadline.

All of us at JMI Bathrooms and Kitchens hope that you will enjoy participating in the Chipping Sodbury Hare Trail this year, and wish you luck if you decide to enter the prize draw! And while you are hunting the twenty small hares, don’t forget that we are hosting one of the large ones belonging to the Cotswold Hare Trail too!