How to Fit a New Kitchen

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If you have decided to install a new kitchen in your property, here are the usual steps involved:

Step One: Choose a Design for your New Kitchen
Step Two: Removal of Old Kitchen
Step Three: Prepare Your Kitchen Walls
Step Four: Kitchen Ceiling and Lighting
Step Five: Kitchen Electrics and Gas Installation
Step Six: Kitchen Floor Selection and Installation
Step Seven: Main Kitchen Installation
Step Eight: Final Electrical or Gas Installation of Kitchen
Step Nine: Installation of Kitchen Splashbacks or Wall Tiles
Step Ten: Final Painting

5 Ways to Celebrate Summer in Your Kitchen

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5 Ways to Celebrate Summer in Your Kitchen:

1. Brighten things up!
2. Feed your senses!
3. Unleash family creativity!
4. Print your favourite family holiday pictures and hang them on your kitchen walls!
5. Disconnect and reconnect!

The Great British Kitchen: Complete Kitchen Era Guide

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Here at JMI Bathroom & Kitchens we love kitchens (obviously!) so we created this handy kitchen era guide on how the great British kitchen has evolved through the ages. Read on and tell us what is your favourite kitchen era?

1. Origins: Open hearths
2. Medieval kitchens: Monks and medicine
3. Tudor and Renaissance kitchens: Sensations and spices
4. Georgian kitchens: Colonial cooking
5. Victorian and Edwardian kitchens: Order and ostentation
6. 20th Century kitchens: Mod-cons and the domestic revolution