5 Bathroom Re-modelling Tips

Re-modelling your bathroom can give you more space, increase and sale value of your home and be a haven to return to at the end of a busy day.

We’ve detailed the top 5 bathroom re-modelling tips in our new infographic to help you choose the perfect design for your lifestyle. Let us know what you think!



5 design tips for your bathroom





Re-modelling your bathroom can be a difficult task – how can you make sure your bathroom looks bigger, is the right design for your lifestyle, stays within your budget, can still be enjoyed in 5 years’ time and simultaneously maximise your return on investment? It’s a big ask.

Bathrooms, big or small, need a design that is both functional and can create a beautiful haven for you to relax in. Here are our 5 top tips for remodelling your bathroom.


1. Play with textures

Whether you’re looking for a French chic design or contemporary classic, by playing with textures you can create that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to give your bathroom that added flair. A few examples you can play with are a mix of hard and soft textures, big tiles with small, or wood mixed with stone.


2. Make your bathroom bigger

By having your bath raised off the floor there is a perceived element of space making your bathroom seem larger. Laying tiles landscape rather than portrait this can also create this effect.


3. Lack of storage

However small your bathroom, storage is a must to avoid all those lotions and potions spilling out onto the bathroom floor. Ideas can include: labelled storage, mason jars, shelf above the door and towel nooks. This is something you can get creative with.


4. Patterned tiles

There are hundreds of beautiful patterned tiles in a range of designs, but when used in bulk this can make the bathroom appear much smaller. By mixing up the colours, creating separate areas and only use the tiles where needed, you can create an interesting look without reducing the perceived space.


5. Curbless showers

Removing the tray from your shower can make a bathroom feel bigger and look cleaner. It can also aid with accessibility.



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