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Why AGA cookers?

The AGA brand is all about classic design, high-quality construction and solid, dependable engineering.

Originally designed by Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén in 1922, AGA cookers were introduced to Britain in 1929, and have been manufactured here since 1930. The foundry in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, the cradle of cast iron production since the industrial revolution, was in continuous use by the company from 1940 until November 2017. Assembly continues at nearby Ketley, now using iron sourced from other foundries in the UK and Europe.

AGAs ooze quality and class in all areas, from their traditional country aesthetics that have hardly changed in 95 years, to their versatility and excellence in cooking performance, to their reliability and durability. Each unit is hand-made to order.

Constructed in the traditional way from cast iron, each AGA is then finished with multiple protective coatings of vitreous enamel in a choice of twelve attractive colours which complement the design of your kitchen.

AGA cookers are exceptionally solid, and are built to last, with thousands of units remaining in service after more than thirty years’ use and many lasting more than fifty years. Depending on the model you choose, your AGA may weigh anything from 112 to 842 kg; but don’t worry about injuring your back trying to lift it, because we’ll handle every aspect of the installation!

Unlike modern fan ovens, the ovens in typical AGA cookers cook by continuously gently radiating heat from all surfaces of their cast-iron frames. This heating method helps to conserve the flavour, texture, water content and nutritional value of food. The result is tastier and healthier oven-cooked food.


AGA cooker elements and options

Depending on the model you choose, your AGA cooker will be configured to perform a wide range of cooking functions. Here are some of the elements you can specify for your AGA:

  • Boiling Plate
  • Simmering Plate
  • Warming Plate
  • Two-Burner Gas Hob
  • Two-Element Ceramic Hob
  • Induction Hotplate
  • Roasting Oven
  • Baking Oven
  • Simmering Oven
  • Slow Cooking Oven
  • Warming Oven


AGA Cooker Models

Whatever your AGA needs, there is a model suited to your preferred fuel source and to the available space in your kitchen!

The AGA 60 is a slimline model (600mm width) fitted with two cast-iron electric ovens, one configurable for either roasting or baking, and the other for simmering. The hob element is available in a choice of either a very large electric hotplate with boiling and simmering functions, or a four-ring gas hob.

The AGA Total Control range runs exclusively on electric power, and matches traditional AGA design aesthetics with 21st century electronic controllability. Each of the ovens and hotplates can be separately switched on and off, allowing savings of up to 80% on the running costs associated with the Traditional Series (see below).

The Total Control is a medium or broad design, and consists of two models, one with three ovens (987mm width) and the other with five (1478mm width). Both configurations have a roasting oven, a simmering oven and a baking oven; the five-oven variant comes with additional slow-cooking and warming ovens. The hob element comprises dual electric hotplates with boiling and simmering functions on both models. The five-oven model additionally comes with the choice of a warming plate or an induction hob.

The AGA Module (595mm width) features two electric ovens and a choice of four-zone ceramic (electric) and gas hobs. One of the ovens is fan-assisted; the other is a slow-coking oven with a built-in grill. Depending on your needs, the Module can be attached to the side of any of the larger AGA models or can stand on its own.

The AGA Dual Control range, like the Total Control, comes in a choice of three-oven (987mm) and five-oven (1478mm) models, and also has the same electric hob configurations as the Total Control range. The main difference is that the ovens in the Dual Control range are permanently on, so they are always ready to cook; and when not cooking, they serve as a kitchen radiator, distributing their heat into your home. The hobs in the Dual Control range, like those in the Total Control models, are under full electronic control, providing savings of up to 45% on the running costs associated with the Traditional range.

The Dual Control range is available with a choice of electric or gas-powered ovens.

The AGA Traditional Series cookers are distinguished by the fact that all elements, including ovens and hobs, are always on, so they function as a very effective radiator whether or not you are cooking!

The Traditional AGA is available in a wide range of configurations, comprising 2-oven, 3-oven and 4-oven 13-amp electric models; 2-oven, 3-oven and 4-oven gas models; 2-oven and 4-oven oil-powered models; and 2-oven and 4-oven 30-amp electric night storage models.

The 2-oven models measure 987mm across, while the 3-oven ones are 1487mm.

All Traditional Series models feature a roasting oven and a simmering oven; while the 3-oven and 4-oven models also have a baking oven; and the 4-oven models are further fitted with a warming oven. All models come with twin very large boiling and simmering plates, while the 4-oven models are further supplied with a choice of a warming plate, a two-burner gas hob, or a two-plate electric ceramic hob.

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